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Spanish script translations

Did not send Luis Esparza pages last week as I continued to revise certain scenes. (Also his academic work load on a project he is doing with Antonio Prieto is very heavy right now, so I didn’t want to be overly demanding…)

Hm. To keep it simple how about this: Just translate the dialogue first — later as his time increases, then maybe translate the whole of the scene.

Oliver Cantú arrives tomorrow — and it is Oliver who provides the 3rd and final level of translation on this project. In the same way that we are flexible with actors in English; discussing the dialogue and open to improvisation, so we will be working with the actors in the Spanish scenes. That’s why the final translation goes through Oliver as a young Mexican actor; to finalize colloquialisms, vernacular and the playability of dialogue in the scene.

It was their expertise I wished to have on the dialogue in the first 2 sets of translations — the first was done by an elderly academic gentleman from Spain, Alejandro Rabazo; the 2nd by Luis, also an academic, but younger and from Mexico; and the 3rd by Oliver, younger still (the age of the characters in the story) also from Mexico, but an actor as opposed to an academic.

In this way I believe we end up with much more lively dialogue that has been thoroughly explored. (In discussing a term like caretaker-handyman for example, we discussed whether or not it should be a term considered more general to Mexico or one that is regional to the Yucatan. In the end we made the regional choice.)

Revisions, translations and casting

Working like crazy today on a revision I may send to Luis for translation.
My hope is to send it this evening, but depending on when I have to leave the internet cafe I may need to send it in the morning. My primary concern is to have a good translation of dialogue of Spanish speaking characters in colloquial Mexican Spanish.

My secondary concern is to have the scenes the dialogues appear in to be translated in deference to our actors who do not have much English.

Local actor Yasir Rodarte came to audition for the role of Alejandro the night after Luis took us to El Hoyo and he was great! Playful, inventive and willing to jump back and forth between genders in a scene reading. He was lovely and dear with a wonderful attitude. Wrote him a whole new scene today — only he doesn’t know it yet.