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        Holographic Group is a high-growth new material group company with technological innovation as the forerunner and integration of research and production as the direction, specializing in the research of new materials such as inorganic nano-materials and special polymer alloys, as well as the research, develop and sales of adaptive products. Adhering to the development concept of "innovative technology leading productivity", using the core technology and patented results of independent research, we are committed to the promotion and application of lead-free radiation protection materials. At present, new material companies such as Sichuan Holographic New Material, Deyang Holographic Material and Jiangsu Holographic Material has been established successively, aiming to establish a new material industry cluster cover the whole country. 

        Basing on the development and application of polymer alloy materials, the company successfully broke through the key industrialization technologies. Through efficient, stable, and environmentally friendly productivity, we provide more advanced, healthier and more eco- friendly materials for the radiation protection industry. Meanwhile, we adopt intelligentized industrial technology to create new intelligent radiation protection materials and promote the upgrading of basic materials and the industrialization of eco-friendly material technology. It will contribute to the implementation of the development strategy of leading industries in the national economy and make changes in the application of materials in the radiation protection industry.