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a SUCK and a DEVIL'S TAIL reunion!

Carol Pope Rocks Whitehorse
Carol Pope performs, by Nordicshutter

So off Chris Comrie, fearless director, went to the SUCK premiere party for TIFF at the Phoenix Club in Toronto. We both had invitations, but I thought it was better for him to go while I got some work done here. ‘Work’ eventually changed into what I considered to be a well earned soak in a tub with a book.

Half past midnight I got the call to come down… apparently I was being requested and was also told that there might be special guests on stage, in keeping with SUCK’s band theme… I really was enjoying the tub, but a call to go to the party of a vampire movie after midnight? How could I say no?

When I arrived, the tireless Sophia Lofters was co ordinating with the volunteers, answering calls and making sure the Sponsors’ gift bags were in good shape… She pulled off a great party in a relatively short time… I don’t know how she does it, she’s an old school filmie who used to be at Capri round-the-clock and an incredible fundraiser… hmm, the question should be, how do we induct her into the Ardent cult..?!?

There’s an enjoyable cameo by the cool Carol Pope in SUCK that I thought was fun. Between that and Alex Lifeson from Rush, I think that means the film qualifies for all its Can Con right there.

Carol Pope by Petecat
Carol Pope by Petecat

The party was planned to go to 4 am, so pulling up in a cab 1 30ish wasn’t so bad…
Alex Lifeson played – he had a cameo in the film as an Immigration officer the band encounters on tour – actually he did surprise me. I never would have recognized him.

I saw Chris throw his arms around someone, so I turned to face the stage. I just assumed he was greeting someone he had worked with that I hadn’t… he told me after it was Laura Sutton (Keightley) who worked with us in Mexico! She A.D.’d for us and was an all round good egg, but she’s also an actress/musician and in fact, a film she had the lead in 6 years ago just premiered at the Montreal Film Festival and is doing well. Yay Laura!

Laura SuttonA chat between takes on Devil’s Tail. LAURA right.

I think people often don’t realize how common that is in the independent world, for it to take a long time for a film to come out. I mean if a Hollywood movie with all the money & personnel can take 2 years…

You can read about the movie Laura did here, it’s called THE HONEYMOON
so Chris chased Laura down for me and we had a nice wee reunion. Good to see her and update her on The Devil’s Tail in person, as she was unable to attend our local screening…