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Collecting Crew and Actors with each passing day

Going very well so far. Had a casting session of local actors yesterday, unexpectedly hooked up with old friends and collaborators too. We’re delighted that Luis Esparza is doing the second set of script translations for THE DEVIL’S TAIL. (Luis is a native of Mexico City — D.F. — as well as having an academic background, and therefore different from the gentleman who did the first set of  translations. Ultimately I wanted the script to go through 3 different translators.)

With Luis, I expected this process to be conducted at a distance over email as we’re in Mérida and Luis is now in Xalapa, but we got to connect with him here last night and it was great to be in his company again. Antonio Prieto, who until recently ran the Multi-Arts Festival here in Mérida, also joined us last night during the local casting session. This was to our great advantage, as having an articulate, cultured art academic, who is also a native Spanish speaker, present at casting helped make the actors more comfortable. Although not a filmmaker himself, Antonio was right at home, as he is the brother of the great cinematographer Rodrigo Prieto, who shot Brokeback Mountain, Babel and Amores Perros.

Yesterday we hit the local Office Max too & bought a laser printer, paper & other blah blah blah. That’s a highly technical production term for Index Cards.

Today we rented a car and picked up Tania Robinson
from Mérida airport — our assistant editor who came from New Zealand, and now we move from the city guest house to the beach house rental in Chixculub. She’s a dear friend and normally a television editor in NZ, so it’s exciting to have her join us!