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Scenery, Scorpions and Crabs, Oh My!

Sean Martin as EDDIE Emily Andrews as ZOE
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I have not been able to get to the net in the last 6 days, though I’ve kept my notes offline.

We truly spent every minute pushing to get scenes done, including a re-shoot of a scene with Juan and picking up B roll of scenery, scorpions, crabs, etc….

The two actors from New York and Texas were shooting up until right before they caught morning flights home! Well, one thing that’s true about us is that we do NOT stop until we are done. (I urge all indie and or guerilla filmmakers to have the same attitude. Too easy for the work to not get done or to fall apart if you don’t have that attitude.)

I was pushing to change our return tickets so we we could head to Xalapa Mexico for our friends’ anniversary party… but we can’t get a flight change. Just now, sitting here, I do not even see how we can manage a day trip in a car to see them tomorrow.
I’m having trouble accepting that I might not see Luis and Antonio before leaving, so tomorrow I want to see if it’s still possible and perhaps we can talk through computer later…

Oh. Suddenly very aware I really do NOT want to leave. Yep. No desire whatsoever.