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Beach House

Booked what I thought was a cute sort of typical ish middle class looking beach house for our main location.

Photos deceptive.
House and whole property huge.

Great for shooting. Graded tropical garden down to the sea. There is a main house, a casa, and a separate little guest house, a casita, which I knew and wanted for our story — but even the casita is a substantial size.

In the casa, there is a huge beautiful rustic balcony off the master bedroom.
Huge deck off living/dining room with a separate palapa covered barbeque area. Quite a few tables. Palm trees on the property on the way down to the water have lights at their bases. Could actually re-dress the large deck as a restaurant if we need to.
We have decided the Barbecue palapa area will serve as our bar in the movie.

Walk down to separate palapa deck at the sea with the swimming pool is much larger than appeared in photographs. Whole set up totally believable as hotel type guest house or even as a hotel.

Still hoping to shoot in Tiburón restaurant-bar as “Cross’ hangout” in the pueblo.
Neighbouring property has small construction going on which is a sound concern – but it’s not constant during the day so we plan on getting up in the dark to prep then shoot as much as we can in daylight until the noise starts and catch m.o.s shots and quiet breaks after that. Nights are quiet so we’re ok for our night shooting. Our one day off a week is scheduled for weekdays, so in theory, weekend shooting during the day at the house will be quiet sans construction. Our shoot days away from the house are also scheduled for during the weekdays too. So we’re not overly worried about the sound issue. (Note; it ended up not being an issue at all. Noisy construction ended before the arrival of our first Canadian actor. We got lucky.)

Canadian actors arrive Monday with the Key Hair and Make Up artist. Mexican actor Oliver Cantú is flying in from Monterrey a few days after that — he is bilingual and extending his stay to become one of our true partners in production. We love him already  — great funny communicator and his audition was the best I’ve ever seen probably in my life. This will help us with the Mexican actors that don’t have as much English and also with negotiating on a place like the Tiburón.

First U.S. actor, Arthur Pellman, who will be playing our retired Texas Border Patrol man, arrives on the 8th.