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Love that stedi-cam!

Shooting has been only little bits and pieces with the Canadians thus far — they arrived 4 days ago — couple scenes have been shot in their entirety (not to mention shooting them arriving in Cancun!) — but we had 2 days of rain here as the residual of the big storm up North (tons of snow apparaently)

…so the actors have been antsy as the schedule called for rain cover… (odd for me as I’ve never experienced rain in Mexico because I’ve never come during rainy season.
So weird to see rain here given that it’s not rainy season now. Thanks giant snow storm!)

We shot the Cancun hotel room scene with Emily Andrews as Zoe and Rob Fulton as Pete. A quiet intimate scene — until the end where he goes off on her — scored by the steady thrum of rain echoing off the tiled room. Oh boy.

It was the first big scene with dialogue for both Rob and Emily and they were very good.

But today: sun. Another big scene for Rob and Emily and the stedi-cam came out today on the beach man!

We’re in it now. Goodbye rain and hello to the full scope of our shooting environment; sure there are scenes that take place indoors, but many scenes are under palapas, on decks, on the beach, by the pool, under palm trees and on the road. And that’s just the environs of the beach house.

We will also shoot at Mayan Ruins, cenotes and in the city streets of Mérida.