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Devil on Top…

As more news from the Beloit International Film Festival makes its way to us here in the Ontario cold equal to Wisconsin’s… we discovered the fest’s hottest tix, published by the head of the Selection Committee and the Executive Director who say:


If you can’t decide which film to see first, those wtih their finger on the pulse have selected their Top Ten Films, which are decidedly the hottest tickets of the festival…

Steve Fass
Selection Committee Chair

This most important nod comes straight from the Chair of the BIFF Selection Committee after months of screening hundreds of film submissions .


Rod Beaudoin
Executive Director

Previous films on Rod’s Top Ten list have gone on to screen at prestigious festivals such as Sundance after winning their first of many coveted awards at BIFF!

Yes, both Steve Fass and Rod Beaudoin have included THE DEVIL’S TAIL in their top 10!!!

We are absolutely delighted, to say the least.

BIFF in the New York Times

Rather interested in this piece in The New York Times; yes it’s already from back in 2006 when the festival was considerably newer, but it gives people a chance to to check the temperature of the water and read about comparisons to Sundance.

“The Beloit International Film Festival in Beloit, Wis., has a loftier goal — to return to the spirit of film festivals’ golden era, when guests talked film all night with directors and writers who were on hand and available for questions. “And I’ll bet no one else has limousine service for their guests,” joked Ron Nief, the festival’s public relations director. This year’s lineup of more than 100 films is from 26 nations, and many fall under themes like human rights, food-based films, or an international genre called neo-noir.”

To read the original article, you can follow it here:



As we move forward on our preparations for BIFF – the printing of big Devil’s posters, the consulting with the designer on BIFF-specific posters, changes to travel plans, etc. – we have to say a word about Beloit and fellow filmmakers.

Amelah Resnik will also be in Beloit with her documentary THE FLOWERS OF MADISON. In this case, Madison refers to Madison Wisconsin, where some of the doc was shot. Because of Resnik’s familiarity with, and her movie’s relationship to the area, she has been in Beloit this week to attend the festival’s Reveal Parties and to do some advance promotion of her film.

Like THE DEVIL’S TAIL, THE FLOWERS OF MADISON also has some Spanish dialogue, and both movies have their Wisconsin premieres in the same venue at La Casa Grande. But before we even knew about sharing a venue, Amelah got in touch, having discovered some of our filmmakers’ posts on WithoutABox. She emailed to congratulate us on playing at this great festival and just to say that with both movies having Spanish language content, we’ll be bringing some different flavour to the area.

After a pleasant email exchange, we asked her about how the first Reveal party went etc.; we just hoped she could be our ears and eyes, given that she was there and we’re operating from a distance…

Not only did Amelah get back to us, she got back to us IMMEDIATELY, volunteered some advice, and started talking up our movie. We wished her well and cheered her and her film on… imagine our delight that when she gave a radio interview about FLOWERS, she also urged listeners to see THE DEVIL’S TAIL and sent us the message that at Reveal Party #2 in Janesville, when they thrust the mic in her hand, before she talked about her own movie she announced the dates and times of ours, that everyone should see it and “Go Canada!”

Like Amelah, we’ve contacted fellow filmmakers in the past prior to other festivals, but have been met with an underwhelming response. We’d like to take this moment to point out that she did not HAVE to contact us at all, and she certainly is not required to do anything on our behalf. Instead, we’ve been contacted and aided by a warm, fellow festival filmmaker, and it must be stated again; if this is the kind of generous person Beloit attracts, it’s no wonder they have such a sterling reputation.

*THE FLOWERS OF MADISON is a documentary that plays
Friday February 19th at 5:00 PM @ La Casa Grande
Saturday February 20th at Noon @ Domenico’s

at the Beloit International Film Festival

*And while visiting the FLOWERS website, listen to that gorgeous atmospheric Latin guitar theme by Joe Myers.