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A word on giving interviews

Last night Chris Comrie and I gave an interview to Trista DeVries, of 10 Movies To See Before You Die.

We had only met her once before, at the private Toronto screening of The Devil’s Tail, and she wrote a great piece about the film. And as she’s preparing to launch a new film website, and this interview is to be part of that site, of course we said yes.

Now this was for a written piece, rather than for TV or radio, so the environment (a cafe) and the feel of it was able to be a bit more casual than for live interview.

As the purpose of  publishing a pre-, production, and post- diary blog here is to share our fiercely independent process with other independent or new, aspiring filmmakers, I feel like I want say to anyone reading this: BE WARNED.

When you meet with someone like Trista, who clearly loves movies as much as we do, it’s very, very easy to forget why you’re there and just enjoy the film lust!

We enjoyed discussing movies – and the process of ours and others’ – so much, it’s probably the least concise either Chris or I have ever been in discussing work.
I actually almost pity Trista having to cull through all that yakkin’ to parse meaning into a written piece.

I will also say this, Fellow Filmie: if Trista DeVries requests an interview at Caffe Brasiliano in Toronto, say yes.
If you’re holding out for Roger Ebert at the Hotel du Cap in Cannes — Ok, that would be fun too — but not more fun. Just different.

And try not to babble!