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Auditioning local actors and Casa Santiago

The Mexican actors are lovely. Meeting with them and auditioning them at the guest house in Mérida in the 2 days after we arrived having JUST bought a new printer and office supplies was fun and crazy.

We thought we were going to hold the auditions in a local rehearsal hall, but the arrangement fell through. Thanks to the remarkable generosity of Vince @ Casa Santiago, we were able to audition the local actors there in the private back deck and garden of his private residence. Feels completely normal here, as outdoor living is the norm.

Haven’t shot anything with the local actors yet, but shot fireworks and crowd in Mérida the first night of Carnavale. Mardi Gras proper is Tuesday, so will shoot another big parade tomorrow.

Tania, the Assistant Editor, arrived from New Zealand on Tuesday and we moved to the beach house that night. We had a car rental the last 2 days to supply the house with bulk shopping from COSTCO as well as work lights from Home Depot. Otherwise our scenes will be lit by sunlight and candle light and practicals. I think these companies are made for outfitting micro-budget film production by the way. You’ll hear no complaints from me.


We are heading to the airport now! Got online to check one detail before walking out the door and got an email from our dear friends Luis Esparza and Antonio Prieto. Until recently they lived in Mérida but have moved to Xalapa. Turns out that when we arrive in Mérida they will be there to pick up and drive their car to their new home.
What a delight!!!
We fly into Cancún Sunday morning at 10:25 then come to Mérida asap. We hope to arrive in that beautiful white city of great colonial architecture late afternoon or early evening.
We will stay downtown at a guest house called Casa Santiago – the B&B as they say in their own description is located on Calle 63 No. 562 between 70 and 72, Colonia Centro.
The house is brown and yellow and the front door is light-colored wood.

A useful little detail in trying to get our friends to find us! Perhaps we could email Conchi (the wonderful Yucatecan actress Concepcíon Léon Mora with whom we’ll be working) to see if we could all meet up? I think she’s still in town before her theatre workshop but it would be lovely to all meet up together…
We are SO HAPPY we will see our dear friends on our first day back in Mexico.
Can’t wait! Hmm… we need to have local sim cards for our phones right away…