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The Asunción-Señora Bustamente scene

Erika soooo happy!

Erika Ancona

Sent Luis an email that we shoot the first interior Asunción-Señora Bustamente scene tomorrow and the first scene in which they appear together alone — personally I can’t wait!

Technically, it won’t be complicated. It will be shot in a very large bedroom — lots of physical space in which to maneuver, lots of natural light. It is physical for Erika Ancona who plays Asunción, in as much as she moves about the king sized bed, making it up, etc.

The real content of the scene of course contains the information that Asunción, who is employed as a maid in the guest house, being talked to by her employer Señora Bustamente, is actually the Señora’s niece.

The Señora is having a sentimental moment and is suddenly willing to talk to Asunción like family, because no guests are around. Asunción is having none of it and is not interested in being warned off Eddie, our increasingly dangerous Texan, or in being told she should have given up her illegitimate daughter for adoption, especially by U.S. couples who only come to Mexico to adopt.

Between all that and her aunt’s comments about dark skin, the politics of the scene are interesting, and I look forward to seeing how Erika Ancona and Concepcíon Léon Mora handle the material. They are both powerful and dignified actresses.

Concepcíon Léon Mora in a still from the scene

Conchi 2

Translating film industry terms+Señora Bustamente!

Find myself missing Luis and Antonio’s presence here. Dropped Luis an email to that effect and let him know that Oliver loved his first translation that we used yesterday.
Also sent Luis a note I appreciate the difficulties of translating film terms used in Ramirez’s dialogue in the Cancun producer scene, as of course, film industry jargon differs country to country.  How to say grip, how to say craft truck.

Ramirez will speak English for the most part, but love having the translation for the scene because it will be helpful for Juan de Dios Barrueta Rath, who plays the role. Also it will help us pick and choose which phrases he might like to say in Spanish as opposed to English.

Concepcíon Léon Mora had her first shoot day on Saturday – she was great and funny and we had a good laugh. She is a wonderful actress-playwright here, especially known for her play Mestiza Power which has also played in the U.S. Very surprised to learn she has never worked in movies — Señora Bustamente is her first film role!

Told a hilarious story that, as she came out to set at the beach house for the first time, it crossed her mind that we might be doing porn!!! Apparently this was right after a news report that a group had rented a beach house in the area for that purpose.

Well that and the name Ardent didn’t help.