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Discussing details with the designer

Needed to further details with Craig on our fictitious posters in the scene with Ramirez, our tacky Cancun producer character, who will be played by Mérida actor Juan de Dios Barrueta Rath.
Unlike the gorgeous pulp fiction book jacket Craig designed for another scene, these posters are meant to be contemporary, like GIRLS GONE WILD and reality productions of that type. By contemporary, of course I mean relatively current and could look like they are from within the last 10 years.

Our fictional series of movies are cheap flicks that are knocked out quickly to exploit young women on the beach in Cancun. This is based on actual series that shoot college girls on spring break getting loaded at the encouragement of the producers on the beach and in clubs and they’re encouraged to strip, make out with each other, flash tits at the camera, etc.

THAT’s what we’re basing our fictional movies on. So I was thinking he could use copyright free shots of women on the beach, or disembodied TnA and make them even more tacky in context — by giving one or two an airbrushed illustrator look of the type that was so present in the 80s, for example – a font like SantaFe LET if you know what I mean.

Our fake titles are SPRING BREAK MADNESS, SPRING BREAK MADNESS II, SPRING BREAK MADNESS IV : Cancun Nights… 3 pieces of art work could work…

Now that I’m online, I’ll look for some more reference.

Communicating with the designer

Today I had to get in touch with the designer we’re working with in Toronto; Craig Allen of The Richmond Studio. His work is sharp and elegant and we’re lucky to have him. He’s designed all of the logos and artwork for Ardent and for our Cygnet Theatre Company.

We need a few — 3 sounds good — pieces to be fictitious tacky posters or mock-ups of posters. These are meant to be of cheap, knocked-off, exploit ‘reality’ movies of the GIRLS GONE WILD variety.

I found some reference material I thought might be good that I emailed to him.
It’s amazing what’s yielded by going to a stock material website like Stock Exchange for example and doing a search on the word “bikini”.

In terms of size, I can’t imagine printing them out any smaller than 8.5×14 paper in order to read as ‘posters’ or ‘mock-ups’ in the scene set in our tacky producer’s office. Our fake titles are things like: Spring Break Madness followed by, II, III and IV: Cancun Nights.

Also, I need to ask Craig if we should we have a photoshop file of the fake pulp book jacket as a prop for one of our cocina scenes between the Pete and Cross characters, or should we just print the pdf? Hmm…

Fake Pulp Cover

Postscript: Special treat: there was a line of paperbacks published by a company called Signet. Ours is published by Cygnet… the name of our old theatre company. And our phony book cover looked even better once wrapped around a book, had a drink spilled on it and dried a bit bit bleached and dog-eared. Kicking the crap out of props? Can do!