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Recording Session at Tattoo Studio

Today’s break from The Devil’s Tail; a week after my last recording session, I race to Tattoo (really Ta2) to record a new demo for Virgin… after which I will go to yoga class then prep another film festival package and do some distribution and website work.

I include these tidbits about recording sessions in the Production Diary simply to illustrate that I belong to the John Cassavetes-Gena Rowlands / John Sayles-Maggie Renzi school of filmmaking. That is, as Cassavetes and Rowlands worked for hire as actors, then used their income to make their own films, so do I, so does my partner in all things Ardent and ardent, Chris.
As John Sayles is a screenwriter for hire and Maggie Renzi also produces films that aren’t hers and Sayles’ so that they may put that money into their own projects, so do we. We already work in the film industry (I’m an actress in theatre as well) and we invest in our own work.

I have chosen to post about this as a kind of note to film students, aspiring directors, or people in the business already who want to do their own projects etc., (indeed, as this entire Production Diary is a note to all who might be interested) to remind people to invest in themselves and their own work…

… To remind indie and guerilla filmmakers to do the work, to do the work, and NOT to sit around waiting for permission from some funding body, distributor, moneyed producer, etc. Nobody’s sitting around waiting for you to make your film for God’s sake; so just make it.

Wishing you well in your own creative endeavors,