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Button, button; a word on festival promotion

The Canadian premiere of The Devil’s Tail at the Moving Image Film Festival was a success. With only 2 weeks to prepare, we did as much as we could to promote. Of course, it’s the festival presenting the film, not us, and they do their own promotion, but we want the film to find its audience, so…Part I of that great interview came out just days before the screening, so that was great timing and thanks to the Toronto Film Scene for that.

Craig Allen, who never complains, flew into immediate action, adding laurel leaves to all our artwork and coming up with that flyer in web and print form so it could be emailed and posted on this site. We printed a small number of those flyers on our own laser printer and distributed them at the Mexican businesses we frequent, as we noticed many local cultural events leave printed material at these particular places, and it’s a great way to reach people who are not online. We also left them at Insomnia, which was hosting the opening night festival party.

We contacted the Mexican Consulate in Toronto who were very pleased to promote the screening, so notice got emailed to thousands of people on that mailing list; a staggering level of support for a cultural event, so thanks to Raul Suarez and all at the Mexican Consulate.

Thanks to Paco Luviano and Hannah Burgé for notice in their Music Village newsletter and getting DJ Larry Green to plug the screening on the radio on Jazz FM.

Craig Allen also facilitated the artwork of our logo on those cool buttons, which we were able to get for opening night… we treated the festival as if we were out-of-towners and went to the opening night screenings and party and gave those buttons to the audiences and party goers. They are already attending the festival; it’s called preaching to the converted and it works.

This was all to great effect, as we had a full house and got a great response…

Up un-God-ly early Sunday to shoot out in the countryside with Craig Allen, then back to screenings at the festival for closing night. We were exhausted and swore we were only going to attend one program of shorts and skip the party as we had another early day in production-for-hire yesterday.

Good thing we didn’t. We met filmmakers David Rodriguez and Chris Smith who had done beautifully visual work in the different programs of shorts… not only did we like these guys, we exchanged info as one offered future visual effects and the other offered equipment in Mexico on future shoots there.

The benefits from meeting fellow filmmakers at festivals are great, not the least of which is a sense of community…

On to the next festival. DT has been invited to the 8th Annual Boston Latino International Film Festival in late November…

Punky little button...

Punky little button...

Oh how I love these 1.25 inch buttons…

Moving Image Film Festival Programme

The Devil’s Tail will play as part of the Across Canada/Foreign Works programme at 1 pm on Saturday the 17th at 296 Brunswick Avenue in the Annex, along with a Lori Chodos short from Canada/Peru called El Turista.

Sunday night’s programme includes a short from Argentina called Saturday Night, Sunday Morning.

The Festival Schedule is available here.
Tickets are $10 in advance or at the door.


Ardent at the Moving Image Film Festival October 17th, 2009

Here are some nice words inviting The Devil’s Tail to Moving Image:

The Moving Image Film Festival would be honoured to screen “The Devil’s Tail” in Toronto on Saturday, October 17th 2009 at The Giggleshorts Theatre, as part of the Across Canada: Foreign Works From Abroad Showcase, commencing at 1pm.


Those of you familiar with theatre in Toronto might remember the old Poor Alex Theatre… now a venue for several local film festivals like Moving Image and Giggle Shorts.
Located in the Annex between 2 subway stations (Bathurst and Spadina) at 296 Brunswick Avenue, South of Bloor.

Now that 1 pm Saturday the 17th has been confirmed, it fast approaches, so back to work…

We will add updates here as they come in to us from the festival.

Look forward to seeing you there!

The Devil's Tail invited to Moving Image 2009!

The Devil’s Tail will have its Canadian Premiere at the Moving Image Film Festival in Toronto this month!

La Cola del Diablo tendrá su estreno canadiense en el Moving Image Film Festival en Toronto este mes!

The festival runs October 16th to 18th in the Annex and will update this space shortly with venue info and times.

Raced the info over to The Richmond Studio as soon as it was confirmed so Craig could add the laurel leaves to our artwork…