When Eddie disappears in the Yucatan Pete abandons predictable life in Toronto, dashing off without a plan to find his best friend, a charming Texan ne’er-do-well. Arriving in Mexico with girlfriend Zoe and pal Dave, he is plunged into a world far darker than the familiar tourist images of Cancun.

During his search Pete reunites with childhood love Kate, now Eddie’s girlfriend, and befriends a retired Border Patrolman troubled by the disappearance of local Mexicans connected to Eddie.

Eddie’s sudden inexplicable reappearance and attempts to disarm all with easy Southern charm while the number of missing climbs, leads Pete to uncover more about his own past and his friend than he can bear.

Blackly humorous, this is a raw, complex, human drama set against Mayan Ruins and stunning beaches in a beautiful country wrestling with its own history of racism and its convoluted relationship with “Norteamericanos”.